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Quality & Certifications

The policy of Helical Components (Coventry) Limited is to provide products and service which give total satisfaction.

We recognise that the continued future success of the Company depends on the price, delivery and quality of our products and the quality of service provided. The quality of our products and service must be of the highest possible standard if we are to meet the ever increasing demands by our Customers. We intend to provide goods and service which are fit for purpose and completely meet our Customers requirements.

One of our quality objectives is to maintain requirements of AS 9100 Rev D and BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and achieve and retain status as a registered firm of assessed capability. Quality objectives shall be established and reviewed at the annual review meeting.

Conformance to the procedures of the quality management system is mandatory upon all employees, and this shall ensure achievement of our quality objectives and continual improvement and effectiveness of the quality management system. The Company shall ensure that the quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within our organisation.

In addition to strict adherence to these procedures, we need continually to develop and maintain the right attitude towards high quality achievement throughout the Company. Only in this way will we achieve our Company Quality Policy of complete Customer satisfaction.